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Sunday, 27 September, 2020

     Don't be afraid of corona we were all together and will live    


  Today we will tell you some positive ways how you can enhance your body's immunity power to fight the corona virus by balancing the immunity power of your body's 7 chakras.

According to your horoscope, how can you increase the resistance power of your body according to the seven chakras and planets present in your body and how the position of planets present in the universe is affecting your horoscope. According to the equation of these two, we were working on that research, through which you can balance the seven chakras present in your body in today's time. How can you increase the resistance power of your body by staying in your house according to your physical seven chakras? You can increase the resistance of your body by listening to some tunes, which vary according to each person's horoscope and the planets formed in the universe. We hope that all of you will try to extend the benefits of this research to all those people according to which you can keep yourself and others' family healthy. If you are benefiting from this kind of information through this research If you want, for more information, go to http://kaalsarpyog.in/chakra.asp study the construction of Chakra Kundli and then contact Sri Sri Gurumaharaj Ji. Mobile Number - +917839115903, +919889651220 Whatsapp - +919335911279, +917310389136

For more information about your health through the creation of the Chakra Kundali please visit to http://kaalsarpyog.in/contact.asp  page and send us your (date of birth, place of birth, time of birth, a photo, health-related problems) by filling in the form given below, through which we all of you To be successful in the effort to make it healthy and it will be my good fortune that we will be able to make all of you people healthy in this life.


 Thank you with best wishes

(Shri Shri Gurumaharj Ji)


Siddheshwar Dhaam,Lucknow,India



सभी देश वाशियों के लिए विशेष महत्वपूर्ण सन्देश




अंततः हम आप सभी भारत के देश देश वासियों के लोगों से विनम्रता पूर्वक आग्रह करते हैं कि माननीय प्रधानमंत्री श्री मोदी जी के अनुदेशो का एकजुटता से पालन करके इस कोरोना नामक महावैश्विक विपत्ति से लड़ने के लिए उनका साहस बढाकर देश को प्रगति के पथ पर पहुँचाने के मार्ग को विस्तृत कर उनका सहयोग करें और हम आप सभी लोगों से यही आशा भी करते हैं।

 "  जय हिन्द " वन्देमातरम
 ( श्री श्री गुरुमहाराज जी )
 सिद्धेश्वर धाम, लखनऊ, भारत



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