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Wednesday, 28 October, 2020

               Detail of Anahat Chakra


Anahat Chakra

The relative position of the circle inside the vertebral column cardiac region (heart) to do just the opposite. The red lotus with twelve petals and it represents the air element. The energy center is the ruling planet Venus, which controls signal of libra and taurus. Activation of this chakra from the body vertebral column starts vibrating. Its function inner peace, boundless divine love, total freedom from tensions, power soft emotions like love, increasing rid of cardiac problems in the future by entering into Samadhi is to try to see the power of hypnosis. The most important thing is our soul in our hearts pure love, compassion, a good parent, gives self-confidence and quality of detachment, which is the heart chakra and love the feeling, but nothing. Your ruling planet of love, beauty, art represents and signs of Taurus and Libra, which Venus rules. It produces beauty in a well-functioning. The beauty is transmitted within a person and a person's behavior and attitude reflects. Kindness and sweetness within people can create positive emotions and help us to change them. We are more open heart to identify with our spirit imposes. The energy of pure love within our hearts roused emotions well up spreads to those around us. Your ability to love others, and is able to receive love from others. The cycle of life more than we are able to recognize and are able to experience the spiritual realms. The vulnerable are understood. As a method of self-protection functions to create an emotional wall. The cycle to the level you feel the needs of others and try to be around others and to attract a soul or a spirit as his growth is beneficial. High blood pressure in the body, difficulty breathing, circulation problems, shortness of breath, chest pain, heart disease, can be tension between the shoulders. Around you are able to feel love for all beings and can see the divine in all beings. Co-dependency, depression, loneliness, betrayal concerning commitment or fears. Concerning respiratory disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer Associated Body Parts chest, heart, lungs and circulation centers. By using this center can travel to any part of it. Your astral body can travel the world in a few seconds but it's great to take risks and he wants to make the spiritual journey back to the other centers, the partner will have to take in order to be allowed to come back into the body of the other centers have a special As capacity will be needed. You can enjoy a deep joy.

» Diseases

The cycle of imbalance associated with allergic diseases, food allergies, blood pressure, breast cancer, circulation, fatigue, heart disease, immune disorders, lung, skin, thymus, blood, lymphatic, immune system, tuberculosis, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, asthma , high cholesterol, shoulders and esophagus problems, selfishness, and jealousy etc..


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  Kaalsarpyog Shanti Mahayagya,Siddheshwar Dhaam,  Lucknow, India

  Kaalsarpyog Shanti Mahayagya,Siddheshwar Dhaam,  Lucknow, India   Kaalsarpyog Shanti Mahayagya,Siddheshwar Dhaam,  Lucknow, India
  Kaalsarpyog Shanti Mahayagya,Siddheshwar Dhaam,  Lucknow, India   Kaalsarpyog Shanti Mahayagya,Siddheshwar Dhaam,  Lucknow, India   Kaalsarpyog Shanti Mahayagya,Siddheshwar Dhaam,  Lucknow, India

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